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Renting a bay with Ufixit Garage is easy and affordable. In addition to affordable packages for enthusiasts, we also offer freelance mechanics or existing workshops flexible solutions. A detailed description of what is included in the rent of a bay you can see in the Services section.

For enthusiasts

If you are a car owner/enthusiasts that need a space to maintain or repair your own car, this is the offering for you. You can use our fully equipped bays for as low as AED 62.50 per hour with a 20 hour punch card. We also have 5 and 10 hour punch cards. For individual hours, the price is AED 80 per hour.

For projects and frequent users we have discounted long term packages. A monthly package with unlimited (Fair use policy applies) use of a bay cost from AED 1,400 if the car is parked outside on our parking, or AED 1,900 if inside parking is required. See the table below for a full list of prices.

Commercial use

For freelance mechanics we offer a flexible solution in terms of workshop space. Prices and what is included are listed in the Commercial Price List below. We are open for discussions on individual arrangements for existing workshops, freelancers and for renting of the entire workshop and license.

The workshop is available for commercial use between 08:00 and 17:00 on weekdays. Prior booking is required.

Enthusiasts price list

Commercial price list


Fair use policy


- Booking is on a 'first come, first served' basis. A bay must be booked in advance.
- The maximum duration that can be booked at a time is a full day (8 hours).  The vehicle must be removed from the bay at the end of the booked time, unless otherwise agreed.
- U-Fix-It Garage reserves the right to change this policy.

"Enthusiast" packages only

-It's prohibited to us this package for commercial purposes, ie charging someone to repair their vehicles. Check out our Commercial packages if you are a mechanic looking for workshop space.- The vehicle being worked on must be owned by the member and the member must be present when using the facilities.
- Limited number of different vehicles: For the long term plans, a maximum of 3 different vehicles can be worked on.